2-11 SEPTEMBER 2016

2016 was the year that politics imploded, from the United Kingdom abandoning the European Union to a reality TV star’s nomination for US president. To mark this, Seen Fifteen gallery plays host to Images of Power, a reactive exhibition examining the images which politicians broadcast of themselves in an attempt to win support, and the ways that artists appropriate, twist and subvert these images.

Images of Power features Spanish artist Daniel Mayrit’s You Haven’t Seen Their Faces, which scrutinises the one hundred most influential figures in the City of London. Canadian photographer Christopher Anderson’s series Stump, which consists of ruthless portraits of politicians and their supporters taken during the 2012 US election campaign. Irish photographer Mark Duffy’s Vote No.1 which records the unintentionally bizarre juxtapositions found in the electoral posters which litter the landscape at election time, and Hans Poel’s Petting Politics which illustrates the crass photo opportunities politicians undertake in order to win votes.

Curated by Lewis Bush and Mark Duffy


Opening Party

Friday 2 September, 6pm to 9pm